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Domain Name

Getting started online with the perfect domain name

A lot of thought and consideration goes into any domain name, since it is your company’s identity on the web. Basically, you want a domain name that properly represents your company, and that is easy to find and promote. Here are 5 basic rules to keep in mind:

  • Make it easy to type: choose simple words, and avoid slang or words with multiple spellings.
  • The shorter the better: if the domain name is too long, customers might misspell it.
  • Try using keywords: if you can fit in a keyword into your domain name, your SEO efforts will be more effective.
  • Localise it: as with the previous rule, adding a location to your domain name helps SEO.
  • Try to be memorable: if you can get a catchy domain name that sticks with people, you will have a better time marketing your brand.

Doing the research

Before you register a domain name, you have to make sure that it is not already trademarked or copyrighted. This can lead to huge legal problems down the road that could cost you a lot of money and you could lose the domain.

You can also use domain appraisal services to figure out the value of your domain in case of a resale. You may have stumbled upon a domain name that is going to be worth a fortune in the long run.

Domain name extensions

Extensions (aka TLD) are like suffixes, and you already know a couple of them: .com and .net. The most popular extension is the .com, but this extension is highly sought after, and most of the good, short domain names have been bought. There are however a ton of extensions that can make up for it.

You have .africa, .dev and .agency to name just a few, which can add a personal touch, and make your domain instantly memorable.

There are also extensions that can are used to denominate the type of organization that owns the website. You have .co for company, .org for non-commercial organizations, and .biz for businesses.

As a Kenyan website, the best extension to choose would be Contact us for more tips on choosing the perfect domain name.

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