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5 Tips for your school-age child’s online safety.

Not long ago, a friend realized there were some deductions from her credit card in regards to a subscribed Netflix account. Fast forward, her 10-year old had managed to subscribe to an unrestricted account. Kids are pretty smart these days, they don’t need you to show them around when it comes to using the internet. It has to be a deliberate effort to ensure you’re there to guide them, rest they do everything behind your back.
We have a round-up of tips that can help you ensure your child stays safe online.

  1. Check to ensure TV program, games and any online site they visit has content that is appropriate for kids.
  2. Use child-friendly content providers if you don’t have sufficient time to go through the content before they have access to it. Check reviews online as it saves you much time.
  3. Constantly use the internet with your child. You will be in a better position to influence their usage and easily guide them through.
  4. Use parental controls, safe search settings on your browsers and apps like youtube. You can also help them customize social media apps such as twitter to restrict content that might be inappropriate.
  5. Block in-app purchases and automated payment options on your device. Don’t underestimate your kids’ knowledge -they probably have friends or schoolmates who know their way around.

If you’re yet to discuss with your child about online safety, this could be the most appropriate time to get started. With the five tips above, the bonus point would be to cultivate trust between you and your child to ensure that he or she is comfortable enough to approach you with any questions.

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