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How to add Google MX records in cPanel

How to add Google MX records in cPanel

Adding Google MX records to your cPanel is an essential step in setting up a successful email system with Google workspace.

Knowing how to add these records correctly is key, as it can determine whether or not email will be delivered in a timely fashion. In this article, we will show you the exact steps you need to take to add Google MX records in cPanel.

Get the Google MX Records for your email

These details are provided by Google in your email, but you can always find them from the Google Workspace help.

The first step is to log in to your cPanel and locate the zone editor as shown below

Once you have clicked on the zone editor, you will be directed to the DNS management page.

Click on the manage button next to the domain for which you want to add the Google MX records for. it will open all the DNS records for that domain.

Click the MX button. This will filter out only the MX records and you will see one default cPanel MX record

You will now add the MX records as provided by Google.

Click on the Add Record button and choose MX from the dropdown. Fill in the priority and the destination in the corresponding boxes and save. Repeat the same process until you have added all the records.

Delete the default cPanel MX record

Go back to cPanel main page, search for email routing and click on it. Configure email routing to “Remote” by Selecting the “Remote Mail Exchanger ” option as shown below.

You will now wait up to 48 Hours to allow the MX DNS records to propagate.

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