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Why you should use a Website Builder

Building an online presence for your blog, business website, or online store is relatively simple. All you need to get started is to purchase a web hosting package and register a domain name. The tricky part is finally building your website.

To build a website, you can either opt to do it yourself or hire a professional designer to help you customize it. If you choose to do it yourself, using a website builder is all the rage when it comes to picking a cost-effective, hassle-free way to create a website. You can create a functional, attractive site from scratch with little or no design skills, using the drag and drop features with customizable website layouts.

Here are reasons why you should use a Website Builder;

  1. Simplicity. A website builder lets you customize elements on the layout of a web page and add your content, logo, images, or brand colours to help you establish your unique web presence. The appeal of a website builder lies in its ability to make a site look less cluttered with the use of the in-built flawless themes, making it easy to navigate. A complex website with lots of underlying features can negatively affect your site’s performance.
  2. Cost-effective. Our hosting packages come with an accompanying free website builder so that you have all the tools to create and maintain your online presence. Our free website builder is an easy-to-use option for newbies or if you do not have an additional budget to hire a professional designer.
  3. Fill in the gap in technical skills. DIY website builders are a great alternative if you want to build a website but have no website design skills to leverage. The drag and drop features allow you to experiment with your website, making it easy for you to change finer details like color, fonts, and themes to suit the functionality and aesthetics you desire for your site.
  4. Save on time. As a new website owner, there are a lot of things that you need to do to establish and maintain your online presence. A website builder will simplify the building process and make it easy for you to concentrate on other aspects of your website. After you have designed and published in a matter of hours, you can now focus on creating content and optimizing your website to increase its visibility online.
  5. Easy to maintain. After publishing your new site and testing it as you add more content or new features, you might want to experiment with different website layouts. Using a website builder will make it smooth and effortless to change any aspects as your site grows and evolves. Due to its versatility, you will be able to customize your site in a way that works for your website using the wide range of available layouts and user-friendly design elements.

Depending on your website goals, there are cases where you may need to hire a professional, especially if you want your site to stand out online from the competition. However, if you do not have room for hiring a designer in your budget, it should not hinder you from having a digital presence.

Ready to get started? Purchase a web hosting package and get access to our free website builder available in the cPanel, with tools designed to help you build a beautiful and functional site.

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