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Useful tips to close more sales on your e-commerce shop.

Every business is driven by making sales. Most business owners have already perfected their products and services and already have a marketing strategy. The one aspect that remains challenging, especially if you lack a marketing team is to make a sale. We have some useful tactics that can help you sell more on your e-commerce shop.
1. Pricing. Are your prices competitive? Research and compare your prices with those of your competitors. When your clients feel like your prices are too costly compared to other companies, they will walk away. Unlike physical stores, an item could be expensive, but they can tell the quality, texture and will easily purchase. Online shoppers lean towards the price to minimize losses.
2. No hidden charges. Online shoppers want all costs revealed from the start. I concur it is quite annoying to find extra hidden charges. A good example is when you provide shoppers with inaccurate shipping costs while they are checking out the product, only to email them back with a higher shipping fee.
3. Invest in multiple payment options. Providing your clients with various payment options makes it more comfortable. One payment method might not work for all clients. It is necessary to provide several common currencies alongside the payment options. In short, make payment as comfortable as possible.
4. Customer service is king. Your online shoppers will require customer support as they shop. They may have a few questions about the products or on how to do 1, 2 and 3. The customer service team should be courteous, well informed, available and friendly. Investing in customer service training will go a long way in making your clients feel comfortable enough to want to buy over and over again.
5. Freebies. They are good to get you started but terrible for a longtime solution. Lifetime free-gifts don’t always work. When it comes to a time when you need to make changes to your pricing, all those customers who stick with you for the freebies will leave. Be wise while issuing free-gifts or discounts. Ensure clients are aware that discounts last for a particular period.
6. Need for Speed. (Not the NFS kind) If you have watched, read or heard the story of the MacDonald brothers, then you already know that efficiency and speed brought their greatest success. Speed should be in terms of your website performance, feedback, delivery, order confirmation e.t.c. Be efficient in every process and take the shortest and most reasonable time possible.
7. Don’t stop improving. Learning is not a one day job, even for companies who have been there for decades, you keep learning and coming up with new ways to do things better. Handling an E-commerce shop means you keep researching and learning how your competitors and other companies, in general, are doing things. Don’t settle for a comfort zone, you can still learn new tricks.

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