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Tips to revamp your conference & events website, following cancellations due to Coronavirus.

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, conferences and major events across the globe have been cancelled or postponed; as governments in infected countries fight to control the spread, while those in uninfected countries try their best to keep the virus out. Google’s I/O Developer event is one of the cancelled events.
What a bummer! The year is just getting started, and we’re already anticipating many events scheduled for 2020 not happening. On the flip side, conference and event planning companies have a chance to revamp their websites in anticipation of attracting high attendance upon resolution of the Coronavirus pandemic. 
Need help in sparking attendance? Here is a helpful checklist.

  1. Capture ticket sales on your website. Capturing the number of tickets sold and the remaining slots will nudge the interested parties to make the purchase. A lot of potential clients might not like to be the first to purchase but will also not want to miss out. Showing the remaining slots encourages clients to book in before they are locked out. 
  2. Detail is king. You want to give your potential clients as much information as possible about the event. They should be able to have all their questions answered on your website. Go the extra mile to show hotels near the conference venue they can book or affordable flights for international clients. Negotiate deals on behalf of the clients to attract a wider audience. They will appreciate the extra effort of ensuring they are safe and sorted in terms of travelling and accommodation.
  3. Enhance the user experience. The website should be easy to use and navigate. As our technical team would advise, make it a 3-click kind of a process. Where in 3-clicks; the client will have viewed all the information, signed up and booked. Don’t over-complicate the booking process or payment procedures.
  4. Connect your website to your social accounts. This is not optional. Ensure all your social media advertisements lead back to your website. If they don’t, one might decide to book in later and forget. Drive the conversation on social media and bring back the client to your website for bookings and more information.
  5. Have a call to action. Call to action buttons might nudge the client to take the next step. The client doesn’t have to scroll through your entire website to get the booking or registration call to action. It’s also likely that some clients already have all the information they needed about the event, and would like to go straight to booking or registrations. 
  6. Use great visuals and videos from past events. Leverage photos and videos from past events and use that to encourage bookings. People want a teaser of how previous events went down for them to make a decision. Ensure the images are of good quality and exciting enough, and should portray a captivated audience. 
  7. Have a web host you can trust. You need to ensure that your website is online and can handle traffic and registration/booking. Our team is readily available to help you adapt to the perfect hosting plan. We have measures in place for scalability in the event you require more resources and are readily available to advise and recommend the best solutions. Don’t scratch your head, we’ve got you covered!

As the situation unfolds, and our hopes remain high of the possibility of having events back on schedule, we can take advantage of the situation to tie up loose ends. Perfect your conference and event website to maximize attendance once the Coronavirus pandemic is in control. Trust your number one web solutions provider to guide you through your revamp; give us a call today. 

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