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4 Things to think about while starting your business.

Dr Manu Chandaria once said that Kenya’s youths can do anything they put their mind to. These sentiments have been proven true through the great spirit of entrepreneurship portrayed by the Kenyan youths.

We have seen small businesses built and thrive and have also come across necessity entrepreneurs. You might have been a client to one a few months ago during the rainy season. They identified the problem and gave a solution to earn some money. (The photo on the right tells it all)  I agree, that this is as a result of unaddressed drainage issues and poor planning but heck, someone made some money out of the tribulation.
Photo: People being ferried by a ‘mkokoteni’ during a rainy season in Nairobi.
The youth need empowerment! As we approach International Youth Day 2018, it’s a good idea for me to share with you’all how you can propel your entrepreneurial spirit to grow your business idea online. You’d presumably want a to-do list to start you off. Here are four important things to think about.
1. Find the gap and fill it.
Remember the quail eggs business in Kenya? How a few people ventured into the business and the next minute the market was flooded? You need to find a gap and fill it but be wise. Don’t blindly follow market trends. You need to strategize by visiting websites to identify what others are doing in relation to your business idea. Find out if the services they are offering are meeting the gap you have identified. Learn from your competitors.
2. Write down your idea.
An idea, before it matures can evolve severally. It is always important to write it down on paper as you proceed with planning so that if you lose your way, you have a reference to the beginning of the idea. Plan to actualize the business idea to reality.
3. Identify how you will reach your potential customers.
You need to decide whether you need to invest in social media marketing, website, digital marketing and adverts e.t.c. What will be the best means of communication to your audience? This will help broaden your reach and attract more people to your business.
4. Find out how the business will make money.
You have to analyze your business. The strengths, weaknesses, competitors and find out if you are likely to make money or make losses. Think of profits you anticipate to make and the amount you have spared to invest in the business.  Be keen to celebrate small victories and don’t lose hope. Focus on your set goals.
How can we help you?
Unlike the Sharks in the reality TV show- Shark Tank, I don’t promise to fund your business idea, but I can help your business go online. You will need a good domain name + a hosting account.
What is a good domain name?
A good domain name is a name that will sell your business. To get one, think about what your business is about & keywords that make up your business. Decide whether you want a long name or short and catchy name. Is your name easy to remember? Is it memorable? What names are your competitors using? Once you have all those questions attended to, you can check the availability of your name here
Apart from a domain name and hosting space, our services include what’s listed below and so much more.
1. emails@yourdomainname that will help you create a professional feel to your business.
2. Variety of website themes to choose from our FREE website builder. This will help you create a professional website without any coding experience. Just drag, drop and publish!
3. A FREE SSL certificate to secure your website. You don’t want your visitors to be spooked by an embarrassing ‘not secure’ warning upon visiting your website
4. Available support. We will be there for you anytime any day to help you resolve any hosting and mail issues you might encounter. We are available on mail, live chat, phone & email support, social media e.t.c
As you celebrate International Youth Day, may you be empowered and encouraged to push forward your dreams. If one of the dreams is to start your own business, we’ve got your back!

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