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Mommy Blogging

Mommy Blogging 101.

According to neurologists and psychiatrists, girls are born interested in emotional expression. Based on my experience, I concur . Most women want a channel to express themselves. Let’s talk the likes of Kilimani Mums – a Facebook page where women share all kinds of experiences – from gossip, marital problems, love triangles, parenting, mother-in- law drama and practically anything you can think of. Imagine channeling these emotions and energy to something greater?
Are you a stay at home mom or a working mom? Are you interested in expressing yourself in a more professional way? Please keep reading.
Mommy Blogging: Basically, this is an online diary that contains parenting hacks, tips, ideas, thoughts, tips e.t.c 
Quick test. Do you want to share your parenting experience? Document your favorite moments with your family or even advice young moms? A mommy blog is a perfect choice! If you would like to try this out, here’s how to get started.
 Register a catchy domain name with HOSTAFRICA.
Just like the brilliant mind came up with Kilimani Mums, it is your turn to select a catchy name that will sell your blog to your audience. A catchy domain name should at least hint what you are blogging about for more exposure.
While you are at it. Don’t forget to get web hosting. Our team of experts can walk you through it and help you with a simple blog for starters.
Write down topics you would like to blog about.
It is always safer to have an idea of the kind of topics you would want to blog about, so that your blog has a sense of direction. This will also help in segmenting your target audience and understanding their needs.
Go through a number of Mommy blogs. 

Expose yourself to successful mommy blogs to have a feel of how they do it. This might as well help in creating momentum and developing actionable ideas. Check out some Mommy blogs below.

Rookie Moms – A girls’ guide to the first years of motherhood.
Design Mom – The Intersection of Design & Motherhood. Has amazing insights about modern parenting.
Being The Parent – One stop solution for pregnancy & parenting solutions that you might like.
There are more collections you can go through. The bottom line is for you to get a feel of the art of engaging an audience, and learn how to structure your blog. This will be very helpful.
All set! Start posting.
The beauty of blogging is that there really ain’t any restrictions to what you write. You might find yourself in a situation where you post everything about what’s going on with your family. Create a boundary. Blogging your emotions away is therapeutic, why lie, but it can also be awkward and embarrassing. It is a choice, but blog wisely. Think about how much to reveal and create personal boundaries.
Support your blog on social media platforms.
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram come in handy. They surely will be key in drawing an audience to your blog. Keep it simple on social media and transfer that traffic to your blog. Always  share a direct link to direct your followers to your blog.
Post regularly.
This is very important. Your posting frequency does matter to your audience. Maintain a daily, weekly, monthly schedule or a frequency that works for you. This will indeed work to your advantage in capturing your audience.
Lastly, visit other Mommy blogs, read and comment on them. They will definitely return the favor by visiting yours and contributing to your articles. Accepting insights from others and starting a conversation is a perfect way to create publicity for your blog.

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