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Ways To Maintain Overall Well-Being While Working From Home

In an effort to minimize the spread of coronavirus (Covid19), working from home is the new normal which has taken some adjusting to get used to. It’s easy to get lost in the allure of working from home- late mornings, comfortable clothing, and performing your tasks from the couch. The lack of structure can easily lead to distractions causing your overall productivity to suffer. As a result, being able to separate your business and personal tasks is crucial for one to remain on top of their game.

Follow these tips to remain productive when working from home;

Make A Routine
Normalize waking up the normal time you would when reporting to work. This will not only assist you get in-line with your normal routine when you resume working from the office, but it will also give you purpose and the day will not seem endless.

Learn Something New
Enroll for an online class. This may be an academic class or a specialized skill you want to excel in. Examples of site you can use,

To keep fit and build your immune system. Take a walk within your neighborhood while observing the set-out Government safety guidelines, join an online keeping fit program, skip a rope or practice yoga to relieve anxiety and stay in good physical health.

Set Priorities
List down what you need to achieve at the end of the day and make sure you set out to do so. Working from home has its own conveniences and also inconveniences. Make sure to stick to priorities.

Create New Network And Connections
Expand on your professional or social network. Join an online community/forum whereby members are vocal and one is encouraged one to give ideas and opinions. Depending with your interest, Examples of the communities includes but not limited to Redditt, Mom365 community (aspiring moms-to-be), Duolingo (learning a language), Foursquare ideas (for techies).

Set Boundaries
While you may find yourself multi-tasking as you work from home, the line between office work and family matters may be blurred. Let your family understand that you are working and define the hours that you will be available to assist on the matters they may want you to handle. This is to maintain focus thus avoiding interruptions. If you are home-schooling, organize with your partner on how to handle that, just the same as if you would handle it if working from the office.

Create A Personal Mantra
During this pandemic time, it is easy for ones’ mental health to be affected, due to the long hours we remain confined in one location. Humans beings are free spirits. Take time to create a few affirmations to make maintain the cheer e.g a personal phrase that resonates with you e.g “I’m strong and I can do this” and make a habit of positive self-talk within a person.

Check On Loved Ones
Call in on your loved ones to find out how they are faring on and if they may be in need of help. You may not necessarily be able to physically visit them, but help can always be sent virtually via the networks and contacts you may have on the ground within your loved one’s vicinity.

Find A New Hobby
This may be baking or even growing kitchen garden or even learning a new language. This will go a long way in ensuring you stay safe.

Be Compassionate
With the ranging pandemic, we have alot of people who may be in need. If you have some food or finances to spare, you may consider reaching out and assisting to alleviate a persons’ grave situation.

Organize Your Finances
Analyze how much money is coming in and create a priority-based spending plan and stick to it. Spend frugally on your monthly expenses.

Maintain Self-care Routine
This includes eating healthy balance meals, create time to mediate, no salons visits don’t mean being untidy, get to experiment on those safe homemade beauty and hair regimens and remember to read you Bible to nourish your soul and spirit. This subconsciously helps you stay safe.

Rest And Sleep
It’s so easy to run on the 24-hour cycle when working from home. Because you may get yourself getting caught up on your many social activities e.g. watching movies after you log off work. Make sure to get enough rest and sleep when it is time to do and if possible, maintain the normal 8 hours of sleep for your overall well-being.

Stay Safe
Please be sure to observe the legal government set guidelines in keeping safe

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