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How to Create Product Descriptions for an Online Store

When running an online store, you need all the help you can get to convert visitors into customers. Writing selling product descriptions is one of the ways you will entice potential customers and have them purchase a product.

Fortunately, we have tips to help you write killer product descriptions and drive customers right into your conversion funnel. Let us get started!

  1. Identify your target customer. For your product descriptions to achieve the desired effect, you need to write them with a specific target market in mind. Focus on basic demographics like gender, age, location, and disposable income. Make sure to include personal details relevant to your product offerings, such as hobbies, interests, and goals. Then, write product descriptions that will appeal to your target market based on these factors.
  2. Emphasize product benefits. Your customers want to know the value that your product offers. Ensure you write up compelling and detailed statements of your product features. Leaving out any details can drive a potential customer away to a different store. Also, make sure to include the benefits of a particular product to make your product shines and close the sale.
  3. Offer a Product Value Proposition. Your product might be unique. But without a value proposition, your customers may not purchase it. Hence, you want to differentiate yourself from the competitors with a compelling value proposition. A product value proposition describes what the customer will get from a product and sparks their interest to purchase it. Incorporate your product’s value proposition into your product descriptions to position your product in a positive light.
  4. Brand messaging. Your brand’s core values are at the center of your online store. So, make sure to stay true to your brand’s voice when writing product descriptions. The language you use should reflect your brand, be it professional, quirky, or fun. Straying away from your brand’s messaging might confuse customers and end up turning them away.
  5. Use an active voice. Draft your product descriptions using action-oriented language to engage prospects, share product benefits, and nudge them closer to purchase. When you use catchy and persuasive words, it will encourage customers on the fence to act.
  6. Product story. Every product has a story. Including it in your product description will endear your customers and create an emotional value that will lead them to purchase it. Focusing on how people feel or what they experience when using your products is a great marketing strategy. It ties in the product to the positive experience your customers have when using your product.
  7. Use keywords. When creating product descriptions for your e-commerce site, incorporate reviews or any feedback you have received to find keywords or phrases that appeal to your audience. Also, optimize the product pages for search engines to increase traffic and drive conversions from your online store.

Taking the time to write good product descriptions can help you compete favourably in the market and have your products shine through.

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