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How to build an email list and boost your online sales

For a successful email marketing campaign, you first need to create a decent-sized email list. Building an email list is a cost-efficient and effective online marketing tool for your business. If you are not growing an email list for your website, you are missing out on a profitable means to generate leads, target repeat customers, and increase conversions.

Depending on the primary goals of your website, you can use your email list to highlight products, publicize offers, promote events, or solicit feedback. However, for your website to reap the rewards of a successful email marketing campaign, you need to employ strategies for creating a killer email list from the email addresses of potential leads or existing customers.

What you need to build an email list

Target Audience

Emails are a perfect tool for creating a personal connection with existing or potential customers, which leads to a long-lasting relationship. The right target audience will sign up for your email list, which leads to more sales and the growth of your online business. Plus, with a target audience in mind, it will help you tailor your email marketing messages to match the demographics and interests of your email subscribers.

Streamline your approach for collecting email addresses

Knowing your target market comes in handy when deciding the approach to use to reach your audience. When coming up with methods to collect email addresses, you should use every marketing tool at your disposal. Some of the viable ways to collect email addresses can be through Facebook ads, links in social media pages, opt-in forms, pop-up messages on your website, landing page, or by adding an email subscription bar to your website.

Once you have settled on a strategy for building your email list and know the target audience you want to focus on, it’s time to start growing the numbers.

Here are some approaches you could use to entice web users to join your email list;

  1. Include email sign up CTAs in your website and social media profiles. For people to be interested in signing up for your email list, you need to come up with a catchphrase to stir up their interest in your products or services. You can add a link to an email signup form to the bio in your social media profiles or on the landing page of your website to build awareness of the existence of your email list.
  2. Offer incentives. Getting web users to be interested in joining your email list can be tough online, especially with a lot of competitors vying for the attention of your target audience. Increase the chances of potential customers signing up to your email list by giving discounts or free products. Using coupons and offering deals, such as discounts, free trials, and sample products will incentivize your target audience to be more willing to submit their email addresses.
  3. Provide great content. Having consistent, high-quality content on your e-commerce site will act as a catalyst for collecting email addresses. Putting out written, visual or interactive content that is engaging will not only increase interest in your products, but it will also heighten the chances of your visitors signing up to your list. Ideally, you want your email subscribers to continue interacting with your content, increase the click-through rate of your emails while also building a loyal clientele base. It pays to ask your subscribers the type of content that interests them, to tailor content to suit their needs. When done right, it drives conversions and increases the probability of generating viable leads.
  4. Paid advertising. As you create content, offer incentives to your email subscribers, and gain organic traffic, your email list will keep growing. If you want to significantly expand the reach of your audience, investing in paid advertising is a good idea. Since the organic approaches for building your list will only reach your followers, paid online advertising will make sure that you boost your reach to potential customers that might not be aware of your brand and products. Use targeted ads specifically tailored for your ideal target audience to increase your sign up rate.

When building an email list, it is easy to lose focus and get lost in the chase for numbers. An efficient email list should be more directed on the quality of the email addresses and their ability to be converted into leads through the use of targeted ads, high-quality content, incentives, and engaging with them frequently. While building an email list can be a little time-consuming, they provide a good base for converting your customers into repeat purchases at a high rate, which grows your business.

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