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8 Excuses you’re likely to make in 2019, as to why your business doesn’t need a website!

Let’s address this excuses you’re likely to make as to why you don’t need a website. As web hosts, there is always this many excuses we get from clients as to why they don’t see the need of having a website. We get all manner of explanations, needless to say, that it’s like most people read from the same script. Time to demystify these misconceptions once and for all.
#1. Just started out, my business is too small to bother myself with a website.
Does this mean that you intend for your business to remain of limited size? I don’t think so. Look – if you want your business to grow into its full potential, you have to keep taking risks. The business life cycle, as experts put it, has an upward trend which then stagnates and proceeds up or down. You need new strategies and a website is the next great thing that can happen to your business.
#2. My business is doing well on social media, a website is a waste of money.
You could be right. But have you asked yourself how many clients you might lose now that you don’t have a website? You’re welcome to disagree with me, but due to fake social accounts, users are now more cautious than before. They are likely to trust your brand when there is a website to collaborate. Again, you can only have so much about your business on social media. You need a website to put all the details about your business.
#4. My friend has a son, who has a friend, who can make a free website for me.
The first time I heard this line, I thought it was funny. There is always someone you know who is willing to make a free website for you. Well, this could take a lifetime, and or you could end up having something that looks almost like a website but shady(unless he/she’s a pro). Research shows that 97% of consumers go online to search for a product and service before engaging the provider and 75% of them judge the company’s credibility based on the look and feel of the website.
#5. I’m already making enough money without a website. I don’t think I need it.
We get it wrong often, assuming that the only purpose of the website is to bring more customers. Your website will help retain existing ones as well. You’re able to share quick tips and information that can be very helpful to clients. This makes your services efficient because clients don’t have to call or mail you to get some of the information they need.
#6. My target customers don’t use computers often.
I read somewhere that, just as electricity took over from candle business, doing business online is taking over the traditional business approach. With the intense mobile penetration and hyped use of smartphones in Kenya, we’re are at a point where a good number of our senior citizens are on WhatsApp and Facebook. Since websites can be accessed via phone browsers, it’s no longer a viable reason.
#7 I’m not a techie and paying someone to manage my website is too expensive.
You shouldn’t be afraid. If you’re brave enough to grow a business, then a website is a walk through. This is what you do;
> Get a professional company to design a website for you and have them train you on the basics.
> Get a good web host – one who is willing to go the extra mile and help you resolve any website issues you encounter.
> Only contact the website developer only when something serious is required such as updates e.t.c. Often, your host will recommend when there is a need to contact the developer.
#8. I’m in a low-key industry, we don’t do websites. We’re just local not international.
Websites are not just for international companies. They target local customers too. In whichever industry you feel doesn’t really need a website, you’re missing on potential clients. Existing clients can use your website to recommend your services to others.
So, take a breather and think about it again. If I haven’t managed to convince you, then we might need some popcorn, Maasai blankets and a bonfire for an all-nighter.
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