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8 Basic Communication Tools for your Business.

Unlike before, where you needed to visit the company’s office to get things done, the digital age has put clients online. Office visits are now a last result. For this reason, you need to revitalize and plan for effective communication online. One of the most invaluable practices is giving your customers a variety of communication avenues. Here are some of the options you need to highly consider.
Website: A website carries the first impression and reputation of your company. It gives more information about your company including what you do, how you can be reached and so on. How presentable & responsive your website increases traffic and conversations. If you need a quick fix website consider our FREE website builder accessible on your cpanel with 300+ templates to choose from.
Email: It’s important to have emails as a point of contact with your clients. One, you will have a paper trail of any conversation hence easier to follow up in case there is a complaint. Two, with an email, you are able to respond to multiple clients at ago based on the most urgent. It is also an affordable means of communication for your clients compared to calls as all they need is internet connection.
Phone: Phone support is key. Often, phone conversations are more helpful than email back and forth. Clients are able to ask questions in real time and the customer support agent is able to respond as well. In times of complaints clients also feel the need to speak to someone in real time compared to sending emails.
Live chat: This is invaluable especially if you have an online shopping website. Shoppers might have questions about the products they want to purchase hence convenient to chat a support agent as they continue shopping on their devices.
Blog: This platform always gives more information on your services and products and any topics related. It’s a good avenue to enlighten your customers with information that might be very helpful to them. It’s also a great way to share your thought leadership and expertise in the specific areas of interest. This, of course, calls for relevant, evergreen content that will build a community and interaction with your readers.
Social media: Going social is absolutely necessary. You need to find out which social platform your audiences identify with and build a community there. This will go a long way in marketing your products and starting conversations around your products and services. You are also able to answer questions that your customers might have and advise them on the uses and benefits of your products or services.
Ads: Adds might be costly but are worth it. Before we even go further, if your competitors are advertising and you are not, you are in real trouble. Ads are likely to be seen by a larger audience and can be used to complement other means of communicating with clients. The greatest advantage is that you get to showcase a variety of products with adds and attract new clients.
Reviews: You’re probably thinking this should not be on the list. Well, I’ve added reviews especially google reviews because they are a source of feedback. Customers leave tiny clues about your product/ services and general experience interacting with your employees. This will act as a guide on what to improve and what to keep up. A quick thing to note, whether positive or Negative, it is good practice to respond to the review.
In short, a combination of all communication tools mentioned above will go a long way in exposing your business to clients hence more sales. It is important to take your time to  perfect each of them so that they can complement each other.

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