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6 Marketing Strategies for your Tours and Travel Business

With the holidays quickly rolling around, travel is the first thing that most people think about for a break from the monotony of life. If you are in the tours and travel industry, there is no better time than now to take advantage of the rocketing holiday tours demand and boost your revenue. The best way to achieve this right out of the gate is to position yourself as an expert in the field and have an effective marketing strategy.

We have tips and tricks you can use to attract and retain holiday clients. Plus, additional strategies to position yourself as an authority in the travel business. Let us get started!

Know your audience. For a successful marketing strategy, you first need to have a deep understanding of your audience. What motivates them to travel? Where do they find holiday destinations? What are their interests? Defining your audience demographic is a crucial step to help you build your brand and marketing strategy. Having a specific target audience will also help you create content that arouses their interest and resonates with them for best results.

Create holiday marketing campaigns. A good rule of the thumb is to embrace the holiday season! When the holidays roll around, you want to add extra sparkle to your branding to match the season. Spread the holiday cheer with carefully crafted holiday-themed branding on your website, social media, or email marketing techniques. Build a sense of urgency in your marketing campaigns by offering deals, promotions, limited-time offers, and even holiday gift travel guides. No matter what services you provide, you can also create vacation packages and offer a holiday combo on your website during the holiday season. Instead of creating your marketing plan from scratch, use these marketing plan templates to give you a head start!

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Create a Social Media Strategy. Social media is a cost-effective, invaluable tool you can use to boost your tours and travel business. With effective social media promotion campaigns, you can maintain a consistent sales curve and client acquisition regardless of the stiff competition. Build an online community for loyal clientele to share photos and their experience with your business. Plus, your online community forms the bulk of your word-of-mouth referrals, so encourage them to share positive reviews and crucial feedback that can help you improve your business.

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Revamp your Website. Your website is the best acquisition and retention tool in your marketing efforts. Therefore, you need to ensure it can meet your customer’s expectations every time they visit your site. Ensure your tours and travel business has a website with a responsive design to lower the bounce rate, improve user experience and boost conversions.

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Seek out Referrals. Potential consumers religiously follow word-of-mouth referrals from peers and unbiased existing customers. Hence, customer referral programs are an effective way to increase sales from your tours and travel business. Rewarding or giving incentives to referrals is an excellent way to ensure that your clients share their positive experiences with others and leave glowing reviews on your site. When you reward referrals with discount offers or gifts, your customers will double up as part of your marketing strategy to help you gain new clients and grow your tours and travel business.

Incorporate social proof on your website. Potential holiday travelers want to be sure that your business can provide excellent service before getting onboard. With more consumers reading online reviews and customer testimonials before visiting a local website, you need to use social proof on your website to build trust. Social proof offers unbiased opinions of existing customers, which increases your credibility and assures potential customers that your business is legitimate.

Plus, it offers user-generated content about your brand and offerings, which you can use to promote your business on socials to increase traffic to your site and drive more users into your sales funnel.

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Getting more clients for your tours and travel business can seem like a difficult task, but implementing these tips will ensure you are on the right track to boost your revenue during the holiday season.

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