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2022 Goals & Resolutions For Your Business

We are smack at the beginning of the new year, and there is no better time than now to make smart goals for your small business. At the back of our minds, likely in writing too, we have personal or business goals to propel us throughout the year. They might be unreasonable and unrealistic but we can stretch them a little to make them achievable.
Every entrepreneur hopes for a better sale every year. You’ve probably got by your first year, second or tenth. Great! What did you miss out last year that probably lost you money? As you reflect on that, let’s share a few insights to a successful 2022.

  1. Move away from cold calling

It is evident that social media is the quickest growing means of connecting your business to the world. This is why you should forget about cold calling. Out of the ten calls you make, you are likely to have only one person listen to you. In any case, they seem to be listening keenly and responding with a strong ‘yes’ or ‘okay’ but that’s just it. The whole concept you were marketing ends with the call. Invest on social media outreach this year for a change.

  1. Compete strategically in the digital age

Effortlessly, your business’s presence can get lost in the cyber space leaving you irrelevant. You do not want that right? To counter this, invest in a domain and a hosting plan. The question would be why? Here are a few reasons.

  • It adds credibility. New clients are likely to trust a business with a website link (e.g. and an official email address (created at your domain name e.g. It actually gives you a professional look and inspires confidence in your potential clients.
  • Consider it a smart investment. The world is currently relying on the digital information. Example, you shop online, order food from your favourite restaurant online and even hail a cab online. Why would you be the only business person turning away from digitization? It is an investment your future self will thank you for.
  • Creates global accessibility. You will argue out that you are on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Flicker, Snap Chat and any other social platform you can think of. Congratulations, this is just but the first step! You need to create accessibility by blending your social networks with a website. A social platform is essential but more importantly, compliments a website to ease your business accessibility around the globe.
  • Builds a brand. Once you gain credibility, it is very easy to build you brand to the standard you aim for. Whether local or international, your domain name will help compliment your social networks hence expanding your reach.
  • Attracts walk-in clients. A lot of our walk-in clients check our products and services online before visiting. Needless to say, thousands of business receive clients because they trust their brand’s online representation.
  1. Let loose

We are moving away from formal, serious kind of client – business relationship. One of your resolutions this year should be letting loose. Try to humanize your business to help accommodate the clientele today. Customers are more intrigued by a naturally easy to interact with the company. Professionalism is what we aim for, but consider being involved with the client a little bit. E.g. sending them seasonal greetings, interacting physically e.t.c. It is a guide to understanding the impression your business is making to clients.

  1. Have a Vision for your business future

With all said and done, have a vision for your business that your employees work towards. A written vision is a reminder of what you are looking forward to achieving in the near future. It will help evaluate your achievements come the end of the year.

  1. Commend yourself/your team for the success

Whether 2021 was a rough or successful year, it is good to look back at what you achieved and use it as a motivation for 2022. Learn from mistakes made and aim a score higher.
To a Better Year
These are some of the important resolutions for 2022. I wouldn’t say that this is what everyone needs but at least, don’t let another year end without crossing this off your checklist. Whether you like it or not, the world is operating digitally.  It is never too late to join the bandwagon, but don’t wait out for too long. It is a necessity!
Have a fruitful 2022!

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