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Top leading causes of online data loss

They say prevention is better than cure. I concur, for I know how expensive data recovery can be. Losing data, example your website files, databases and emails means you are likely to over. Years-worth-hard-work all gone! It’s therefore vital to tackle how to prevent data loss but first, what are the most common causes of data loss?
Human error: Part of being human is the realization that mistakes are inevitable. We are not infallible and for this reason, an intentional or unintentional mistake could happen. Eg, there are instances where one has deleted the etc and mail folders from the cPanel which deletes all email accounts and their contents. Often, the etc folder is mistaken for an unuseful file.
Solution: Ensure that you have a backup of your website files and emails. You can backup your emails on outlook. We also recommend that you limit the number of team members accessing your cPanel and train your staff members on the basics of cPanel.
Viruses and Malware: Usually, you’d assume you will see the attack coming, movie style- click something online and get a notification, ‘you have been hacked’ with some binary digits showing and a lot of things you don’t understand. Realistically, this is how you could get viruses & malware;

  • Opening unsafe emails being used for phishing
  • Downloading malware infected attachments
  • Accessing unsafe websites
  • Using weak or obvious passwords
  • malware from external devices and local area network etc

If your website is malware infected, it could be blocked by search engines such as Google and have clients browsing your website unable to access it. Mostly, your website will display a red background with a warning that users should not visit your website. This will greatly damage your credibility hence loss of business.
Solution: Ensure you use strong passwords, use firewalls and antivirus(internet security recommended) for protection. Avoid opening suspicious emails and visiting suspicious sites.
Hacking: Hacking has become a more common problem and every company should be concerned about. The government of Kenya through the Ministry of ICT has been involved recently in coming up with a cybersecurity framework for Kenya. There has been several efforts and discussions made towards good cybersecurity measures especially during the Africa Cyber Defense Summit a few months ago.
Solution: As we move forward towards getting solutions, the basic preventative options are to ensure you have a firewall to blackout attackers and use strong access passwords.
Insiders: Insiders most times are employees and could be a threat, either without their knowledge or while being malicious for whatever reasons. They could maliciously delete data or create a loophole that can be used by attackers.
Solution: Just as mentioned under human error, ensure your employees are well trained and be very careful while giving out crucial access details eg, email login details, cPanel details etc.
Natural disasters: Disasters could happen anytime hence it’s wise to always be prepared. As a hosting company, we ensure we have a remote backup on a different location. What about you? This is where backups become handy. You need to ensure that you have a backup of files as much as you trust your host to have a backup readily available for you upon request.
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