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How to backup my website

How do I backup my website?

Hoping you are now convinced that it is collectively our responsibility, you as our client and we as your host, to regularly backup your website. From our Terms of Service, HOSTAFRICA/terms-of-service we have indicated that we offer free restoration of backups upon client’s request but highly encourage our clients to have their own backup plans. One of the fast and reliable website backup services we recommend to our clients is Codeguard.

Most of our clients have called in inquiring on what measures to take to ensure there is a proper backup for their emails and website files.  This gesture is an indication of the importance of a regular data and content backup to them. We all know a website takes a lot of time and other resources to develop and update. We always do everything in our power to ensure we protect your interest. You need to protect your investment too. Here is how.

1.Log into your cPanel, go to files and select ‘Backup Wizard‘.

2. Select ‘Backup‘ button as shown below.

3. Initiate the backup by selecting ‘Full Backup

4.  Under generate a full backup, choose ‘Home Directory‘ as the backup destination and enter your email address on the email address bar, to get a notification when a full backup is complete.

After getting a notification on your email. You can download your backup manually. It is important to have a backup. It could save you a lot of trouble if anything went wrong.

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