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Check out these affordable must-have backup options.

A while back, we discussed the reasons why website and email file backups are of utmost importance ( Just in case you missed it, read here.)  We have taken measures to provide affordable backup services to make sure you are well taken care of.
Don’t underestimate the role of backups when it comes to web hosting. With a backup plan, you save yourself from the devastation of a complete disaster to a small inconvenience.
We highly recommend that you consider signing up for the backup options below.
Remote SSH (Rsync) Backup Option. Maintain hourly, daily and weekly off-site backups for your critical data. Easily Managed via cPanel
100 GB RAID10 Protected KSh3,600.00/yr
200 GB RAID10 Protected KSh6,000.00/yr
400 GB RAID10 Protected KSh12,000.00/yr
What happens if my hosting has been active for six months and I would like to subscribe to the backup service? Good news, the amount due calculation will be done for the remaining months.
Once you sign up, we will take you through the basics steps of how the backup works after doing the configuration. The backup is usually on a remote server, different from your live site. We will, therefore, link the cPanel to the remote backup to enable you to have access from your cPanel.
You can directly choose a backup option as you make your domain and hosting purchase or consult us to make the order for you if you have active services. From our terms of service, please note that it is your responsibility as a client to ensure you have backed-up your website and email files. We offer free account restoration when requested. We insist and highly recommend that you consider the available backup options. It’s better safe than sorry. Kindly note that all our prices are  +VAT.
For further assistance, please contact our support team on Chat support.

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