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5 Reasons why a website backup is extremely important

5 Reasons Why a Website Backup is Extremely Important.

Is it important to have a copy of my website files?
This question is barely asked, but the answer is YES. But of course, we leave the responsibility of backing up our website files to the web host. Is that not enough? Most clients ask why they should have a backup while their web hosts keep backups. Well,  we all have to take precaution. It is not a question of who should take responsibility when all you have built over the years is at stake, but a call to take charge and be proactive.
What could go wrong?
Below are reasons that should strongly convince you to actively and regularly make sure you have a backup with you.
1. Catastrophic server failure
Web hosts do server management and monitoring hence instances of a full server failure are minimal. It does not have to be a full server failure to affect your website files. Having a backup makes it easy for a quick restoration to a different server and minimizes the time your website will be offline. Backing your files remotely is, therefore, a more practical option.
2. Website Hackers
Your website might seem secure but as long as it is online, there might be a chance it might get compromised. For instance, if a code used to build your website has its own vulnerabilities, you could risk being hacked.
3. Malware & Viruses
Malware and viruses could find their way into your website. They could be downloaded unknowingly via a theme or plugin. This is why you need to be ready by having a recent backup of your website files.
4. During Upgrades
It has happened to a number of clients. Some websites require plugin and other components update. With a backup in place, you are safer in case anything goes wrong during the update.
5. Human Error
They say a man is to error. They are not wrong, people do make mistakes. For example, your employee or the web developer deletes a necessary file by accident. This could leave you offline for quite a while before you figure out a way forward. With a backup, it is as easy as a, b, c…you could restore the backup in a minute and proceed with your operations.
With all the above, you realize you could minimize the damage if anything happened by just having a backup. Then quit stalling, make sure you have a recent copy. You could do at least bimonthly backups or make it a habit to backup as often as you can. Better safe than sorry!

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